Across Cultures launches ‘The Islands’

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31st January 2020
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3rd March 2020

Across Cultures launches ‘The Islands’

In March 2020, Across Cultures will launch the next phase of its highly successful EAL programme – ‘The Islands’.

‘The Islands’ is designed for learners aged 11-18 years, entering schools where English is the language of instruction. It leads on from the hugely popular ‘Learning Village’ programme, aimed at learners from six years old, which now boasts 25,000 registered users and is used in schools internationally.

This incredible EAL resource has grown organically out of good practice in schools. Learners who are pre-literate, or from backgrounds where their language is less commonly translated, often find it difficult to access resources to support their learning. The Learning Village’s image-based learning, involving both small-group teaching and independent learning linked to the curriculum, is an inclusive solution.

Across Cultures Author & Director Caroline Scott stated, “Meeting the additional demands of older learners has always been at the forefront of our minds. We are therefore delighted to announce the launch of Learning Village 11-18 – ‘The Islands’.”

The learning environment of ‘The islands’ will have a more mature look and feel, to appeal to older learners. Over the next three years, schools can look forward to an increase in curriculum-related content, designed to support learners with access to increasingly difficult academic and technical language.

After its launch in March, current members will be able to access ‘The Islands’ which will be initial offered at the same price as the ‘Village’. For new schools, access to ‘The Islands’ will be at a launch discount for a set period of time.

Schools that are interested in exploring ‘The Islands’ should be sure to join before the March launch date, to obtain the best possible price. To register, visit Existing secondary school users can get in touch if desired, to transfer to ‘The Islands’.


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