English Proficiency Assessment (AssessEP) by Across Cultures

An English Proficiency tool to understand a learners current English proficiency performance and provide ongoing feedback on progress.

What is AssessEP?

AssessEP is an online tool that will provide you with the information you need to:

  • Help learners identify their strengths and weaknesses in skill areas
  • Help teachers understand where learners are experiencing challenges in English language learning and address those issues
  • Give teachers a snapshot of the learners English proficiency level in order to place them effectively into classes or into learning environments
  • Spot check progress at key times of year to ensure learners are making progress in their English proficiency level along a selected EAL continuum (recommended twice a year)

Assessment in the Learning Village

All Learning Village platforms (primary, secondary and adult) have simple assessment tools built into the programme

  • Assess your learners speaking, listening reading and writing skills
  • Assess high frequency word comprehension size
  • Track learners progress over time
  • Identify gaps in learning

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