Across Cultures discuss the importance of research and evidence to support Edtech development

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25th April 2023
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Across Cultures discuss the importance of research and evidence to support Edtech development

It was a privilege for Caroline Scott (Director, Author and Creator of the Learning Village by Across Cultures), to have been invited to participate as one of the 4 panellists at The State of Evidence in EdTech 2023 webinar on Tuesday 18th April.

Hosted by BESA (The British Educational Suppliers Association), the webinar discussed the findings from the new collaborative research paper “The State of Evidence in EdTech 2023” published by BESA and EDUCATE Ventures. 

Across Cultures’ involvement stemmed from a project with Educate Ventures Research, whose aim is to help organisations access the data and evidence they need to provide great educational solutions. They paired the Learning Village with a mentor in the Research Department at the University College of London. The objective was to use the logic model to refine research objectives, and to harness the wealth of research Learning Village had already collected (from both base research and the sound process Caroline had compiled in the 3 books she authored previously). Learning Village were then able to demonstrate to the industry the strength of research and evidence on which the Learning Village had been built. 

As a result of working with Educate, Across Cultures were awarded an Educate EdWARD (Evidence Applied), which recognised the robust foundation and varied range of research Learning Village is based on. It also resulted in Across Cultures being selected by BESA to share a case study outlining the experience of having an impact and research driven product in the BESA and Educate Ventures report “The State of Evidence in EdTech 2023”.

The webinar on Tuesday outlined the key findings and highlighted the importance of evidence and research in the Edtech sector. “I was very pleased to be invited to be a part of this project and to be a panellist,” explains Caroline Scott. “Evidence and research is so incredibly important in what we do at Across Cultures, because our service, the Learning Village, affects learner and teacher lives. Learner progress is paramount so adapting the blended learning environment for efficiency of learning is essential. In addition, using research to adapt the platform to meet the needs of the teachers who are empowering that progress is equally important.”

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