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3rd March 2021

Keeping your EAL learners engaged while learning remotely

Author: Sarah Jones, EAL Coordinator, Lea Forest Academy   In January 2021, we commenced another lockdown in the UK and put our recovery curriculum on hold. […]
17th March 2021

EdTech: the Emergency Service for Education in 2020!

Author: Yzanne Mackay   It’s now almost exactly a year since the UK education system went into lockdown. The ruling that schools must close to almost all […]
26th April 2021

Cloze procedures – Do your EAL pupils need ‘closure’?

Author: Isabelle Bridger-Eames, EAL Specialist   What is a cloze procedure? Cloze procedures are tasks where learners fill in the blanks in a text from which entire […]
17th May 2021

Teaching pronunciation in a whole language-based classroom

Author: Miranda Howell, EAL Specialist   As school teachers faced with EAL learners in our classrooms, we often push the teaching of phonics down the list, especially […]
5th June 2021

Memory strategies for language learners

Author: Dr Anne Margaret Smith   While learning new languages, a lot of information simply needs to be remembered, and we often have to combine new […]
10th July 2021

A sense of familiarity in unfamiliar times

Author: Louise Kearns, English Language Specialist Teacher   In March 2020 International Primary School Almere, along with all other schools here in the Netherlands, went into lockdown […]
16th August 2021

What is EAL? – Talking to other teachers about EAL

Author: Yzanne Mackay   You’re the EAL lead in your school – or a teacher with responsibility for EAL. You’re a class teacher who’s been asked to […]
26th September 2021

A holistic approach to recovering lost learning

Author: Isabelle Bridger-Eames, EAL Specialist   Barry and Matthew Carpenter’s ‘Recovery Curriculum’ has many applications for EAL pupils. Their ‘Recovery Curriculum’ was created during the 2021-21 pandemic, […]
27th November 2021

Online safety for EAL learners

Author: Yzanne Mackay   Everyone recognises the importance of staying safe online – but it’s not always straightforward. For many of us, computing – including social media, […]
23rd January 2022

The voices that don’t get heard: Why a child’s mother tongue matters in the classroom

Author: Yzanne Mackay   If Katerina spoke in Russian again in the classroom, the teacher warned her, her name would be put on the board and she […]
23rd February 2022

Four ways to hook in your EAL learners at the start of a writing lesson

Author: Miranda Howell, EAL Specialist   The traditional way to start a lesson with Secondary school learners is with a ‘do now!’ activity. It works. You get […]
27th March 2022

Using language skills for mathematics

Author: Christine Hanley, EAL Specialist   Studying mathematics in an English-medium school presents learners of English as an Additional Language (EAL) with a double cognitive whammy as […]
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