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Integrating parents with limited English into the community

“The biggest impact we noticed was the parents' confidence levels increasing and a willingness to engage with the school staff”

 Mandy Hayer, Assistant Head, Tudor Primary School

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What is the Community Village?

Would you like your parents with limited English to:

  • Get a better understanding of how your school supports/works with them?
  • Know how to support their child at home?
  • Integrate into the school community?
  • Develop the confidence to take part in school and community life?

The Community Village removes the barrier of EAL, allowing parents and schools to engage.

  • Teaches basic home-school communication language to EAL parents
  • Provides supportive EAL resources and guidance for home, supporting class topics
  • Establishes a communication channel with image-based emails
  • Builds a culture of collaboration and integration.
  • Mandy Hayer

    The biggest impact we notice was the parent’s confidence levels increasing and a willingness to engage with the school staff.

    Each month the parents were invited to attend the school’s soft start Learning Village workshop for their child/children. We wanted parents to be able to observe the EAL support teacher teaching the programme to their children and to share ideas and strategies so the parents could continue to support their children at home using these techniques.

    The post-questionnaire was completed by all parents and 100% of parents now feel confident speaking in basic English when needed to communicate with school staff, and have a better understanding of how to support their children at home.

    Mandy Hayer
    Assistant Head, Tudor Primary School

What are the results?

Tudor Primary School, London

Read more As a school, we have a high level of pupil mobility throughout the year, due to families being re-housed to different boroughs. Very often, we have new families/children that join our school/community from abroad as new arrivals to the country. Frequently, these families/children will start our school with either no spoken English or with very limited English. These families bring a wealth of diversity, but do struggle with life in a new country (socially) and find it challenging to communicate.

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