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  • Bookcover

    An English as an Additional Language (EAL) Programme: Learning through images for 7-14 year olds (pre-order for Sept 2019)


    This book provides you with a programme for use as an induction-to-English, complete with integral assessment. It provides guidance on how to bridge the gap between these learners and their peers It is suitable for learners of any language background due to the focus on learning through images. It also includes suggestions on how to include parents who are new-to-English and ideas on family learning. You’ll find an EAL framework to provide structure to your EAL provision across the school, as well as guidance on how to approach class teaching.

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  • Teaching English as an Additional Language 5-11: A whole school resource file by Caroline Scott


    English as an Additional Language 5–11 is designed to support every 5–11 year old child new to the English language who is beginning their education in an English speaking mainstream curriculum. It provides teachers with the tools needed to support young learners’ survival language needs and help them achieve a smooth transition into their new learning environment.

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  • Teaching Children English as an Additional Language: A programme for 7-12 year olds


    This is a practical, easy to follow programme, complete with resources, for teachers with tight time constraints to  help children learn English as an additional language. This book offers practical answers to help new students move into English quickly.

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  • Survival Language Poster – A Classroom Instruction Aid


    Posters designed to help teachers give clear instructions to newly arrived children with little or no English. Teachers – Simply place this poster in a place you usually stand or sit to give classroom instructions. Point to the picture as you say the instruction. For most effective use, either you, a mentor, parent or peer can pre-teach these classroom instructions using the poster focusing on meaning of the visuals rather than remembering each statement. When you use the poster in class these instructions will then be reinforced and understood more quickly and easily.

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  • Learning Village Cards


    Learning Village (www.learningvillage.net) members: Play common card games using all the Learning Village content and never have to print a set of flashcards again!

    You can use these cards to play common games like snap, pairs or fish to help learners remember new vocabulary and language structures.

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  • Language Structure Key Rings


    12 x key rings, each with a different language focussed sentence starter. Designed to be used by learners to promote the use of specific language structures to support writing different text types e.g. a recount would require the langauge of retelling or a persuasive text would require the langauge of argument. Key rings include:

    • Language of Argument
    • Language of Explanation – maths
    • Language of Comparison
    • Language of Hypothesis
    • Language of Deduction
    • Language of Opinion
    • Language of Description
    • Language of Prediction
    • Language of Evaluation
    • Language of Retelling
    • Language of Explanation
    • Language of Sequencing

    Based on Progression in Langauge Structures by Tower Hamlets, adapted by Across Cultures for use by learners.

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  • EAL Word Mat


    These EAL Word Mats are designed to be used in the classroom as a helpful support for constructing sentences. In summary:

    • Word lists on one mat include common words under the following categories: adjectives, verbs (including past tense), adverbs, prepositions, connections, nouns, pronouns and an example way in which to build a sentence.
    • A4, colour, laminated
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  • Remember Book


    In summary, this useful book is designed to support beginners to English in the first few weeks. It is an essential book for helping children supporting learning survival language. In summary:

    • Special lined sections for writing words and phrases as children learn
    • Special sections for writing words or phrases in topics/themes
    • Includes a list of the top 200 high frequency words
    • Includes a handwriting letter formation chart
    • Includes survival language pictures with English words and phrases and space for writing their language
    • A5, black and white, spiral bound booklet (with space to insert a pencil)
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  • Survival Language key Ring


    Especially designed to be a useful tool for children to communicate easily with teachers or peers in the very early days of a child with limited English arriving in an English speaking school. Children only need this kind of tool for the first week or two while they learning the survival language.

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  • 35 (one sheet) Learning Village Stickers


    Learning Village (www.learningvillage.net) members: use the Learning Village Stickers (35 stickers) as stamps for their Learning Village passports (sold seperately) or to provide special rewards for your learners!

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  • 10 x Learning Village Passports


    Learning Village passports track coins collected in the Learning Village (www.learningvillage.net). You can use Learning Village stickers (sold separately) as ‘stamps’ on the passports, motivating your learners to track progress offline as they proceed with their journey in learning English! 

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