At Across Cultures we work with school groups – including local authorities, national ministries and multi-academy trusts – to centralise support for EAL new arrivals across their schools.

Across Cultures support can take many forms, depending on your requirements. Broadly, it includes the provision of a series of remote training sessions, with access to blended learning resources (, delivered to EAL support staff and those responsible for access to the curriculum. Our programme of learning supports learners in accessing the curriculum; it encompasses survival language, phonics, high frequency words and curriculum language.

Our training empowers staff to deliver first-class support to learners of any language background (including pre-literate learners). As part of the programme, we provide results tracking and ongoing access to our EAL blended learning resources. There are regular check-ins with schools to ensure that they feel confident in delivering the programme successfully as well as assessment of learners included in the support.

An example of a large-scale Support for School Group project can be found here.

For more information, please get in touch at [email protected] or call on 0118 335 0035.

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Dorota Raeside

EAL Teaching Assistant, Bedford Academy

"Thank you so much for your email and thank you so much for so amazing news. I am very happy to hear about the grant and opportunity which Bedford Borough Council gives to our students and my EAL office. Once again, thank you so much."

Kirsty Williams

EAL Coordinator, Castle Newnham School

"We are very keen to have access to The Learning Village again and I previously used it with a number of pupils especially those newly arrived to the UK and they found it engaging and motivating. I saw them make excellent progress as it allowed them to access structured learning pathways both at home and in school. I have also used it for whole class teaching. I have attended training sessions on how to use the learning village and I am fully aware of how to access the resources and use it for individual learning and whole class teaching."

Sarah Court

Powys Local Authority

Thanks for a great learning day - really useful. Great use of break out rooms and productive discussion.

Olga Hopper

Suffolk Local Authority

Great training. Love the extensive range of activities and extra resources available to learners and teachers, and how adaptable it is to different levels. It’s given me lots of ideas on how I can help teachers to differentiate tasks for children with EAL.

Sarah Court

Powys Local Authority

Really gained knowledge with the use of different functions today - had time to experiment, build skills and practise. I’m really looking forward to getting more of our schools involved across the LA - fingers crossed - thank you. 

Annie Bielby

Swansea Local Authority

Excellent, informative information and highly relevant to school development.