10th April 2024

How do EAL learners become effective writers?

Author: Breda Matthews, EAL Specialist Linguists including Derewianka (2001), Droga and Humphrey (2003), Knapp and Watkins (2005), and Gibbons (2009) suggest that scaffolding writing is critical […]
13th March 2024

New to EAL teaching? Here’s where to start!

Author: Miranda Howell, EAL Specialist You might be an experienced teacher, new to teaching, or support staff, but you have never taught any EAL learners before. […]
7th February 2024

Teaching pre-literate learners

Author: Miranda Howell, EAL specialist I will never forget the ‘feelings’ I experienced during my EAL teacher training, when I sat in a class with a […]
10th January 2024

Using a multimodal approach in the classroom: From screen-learning to conversations

Author: Iva Miteva, EAL Specialist There is no denying that in the 21st century, teachers have gone from strength to strength in using technology in the […]
27th November 2023

Why provide EAL learners with small-group teaching?

Author: Caroline Scott, Author and Director with Learning Village by Across Cultures Small group teaching is an approach in which learners are divided into small groups […]
24th November 2023

We are very pleased to announce that we are now Affiliate Members of FOBISIA

We are very pleased to announce that we are now Affiliate Members of FOBISIA. FOBISIA is the “Federation of British International Schools in Asia” promoting high-quality […]
24th November 2023

We are proud to be a Supporting Member of BAISIS

Learning Village by Across Cultures is proud to announce it is a Supporting Member of BAISIS. BAISIS is “The British Association of Independent Schools with International […]
10th November 2023

Learning Village wins not just one, but TWO awards for its SEN provision!

Learning Village has won not only the “Highly Commended” Award in the SEN Category of the Teach Primary Awards 2023 BUT ALSO the “Finalist” Award in […]
25th October 2023

One school, many languages: Making languages matter

Author: Iva Miteva, EAL specialist 你好 Привіт  Merhaba Здравей  Buna ziua ہیلو Cześć How often do you hear these in the school playground? And actually, not […]
4th October 2023

UN children’s rights and refugees: Fostering equality in the classroom

Author: Miranda Howell, EAL Specialist   The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child is a human rights treaty that encompasses specific children’s rights […]
6th September 2023

We’ve been shortlisted for the TeachCo Primary and Secondary awards!

We are excited to announce we have been shortlisted for the SEN category on BOTH Teach Primary and Teach Secondary! Follow this link to find out […]
30th August 2023

The effects of EAL learner wellbeing on their academic performance

Author: Shalu Aara, EAL Specialist A learner’s wellbeing is vital to their achievement and overall success. Nevertheless, an EAL (English as an Additional Language) learner’s wellbeing […]
28th June 2023

What to consider when supporting EAL learners in the classroom

Author: Martha Giannakaki, EAL Specialist Our EAL learners are by no means a homogeneous group of learners and their needs in our classroom will vary to […]
30th May 2023

What makes a great EAL teacher?

Author: Iva Miteva, EAL Specialist What is the role of an EAL teacher? An EAL teacher is a professional specialising in working with learners for whom […]
26th April 2023

Across Cultures discuss the importance of research and evidence to support Edtech development

It was a privilege for Caroline Scott (Director, Author and Creator of the Learning Village by Across Cultures), to have been invited to participate as one […]
25th April 2023

Vocabulary: What should we teach, and how?

Author: Miranda Howell, EAL Specialist What should we teach? Many of us have been in a situation where we want to communicate with someone who does […]
22nd March 2023

Listen up! A ‘What’ and ‘Why’ EAL Checklist for Nurturing Great Listeners

Author: Eli Briasco, EAL Specialist Despite legitimate claims that EAL students devote over half of their time to listening when functioning in English (Nunan, 1998), this […]
28th February 2023

How to encourage EAL parents to become involved in their children’s education

Author: Linda Boland-Quigley, Home School Community Liaison Parental involvement in children’s education can take many forms and can be experienced differently by each parent. The benefits […]
24th January 2023

In Celebration of Mother Tongue

Author: Mary Langford, EAL Specialist (Mother Tongue & International Education) A growing number of international schools are demonstrating the importance and value of their students’ and teachers’ […]
9th December 2022

Tips for mainstream teachers to support English as an additional language (EAL) learners

Author: Miranda Howell, EAL Specialist How often does a classroom teacher approach an EAL teacher with the words, “I don’t know how to help this learner! […]
7th November 2022

EAL Learners: Combating Bullying

Author: Christine Hanley, EAL Specialist When I was teaching early literacy to adults some years ago, I had two teenage students from a refugee background join […]
22nd September 2022

Written corrective feedback: Investigating beliefs and practices

Author: Eli Briasco, EAL Specialist Chances are, if you’ve been teaching English for a while, you’ve provided plenty of feedback to your learners on the accuracy […]
29th August 2022

Supporting students with basic literacy skills

Author: Breda Matthews, EAL Specialist Schools often have a number of students who are not yet literate in English. Whilst this includes English-speaking children who are […]
4th August 2022

Why use a graphic organiser?

We all know that there can be resistance to writing in the EAL classroom. To break this barrier, we need to consider the reasons for this, […]
4th August 2022

The importance of enjoying a good read

A wide reading programme is promoted as a key vehicle for learners of English as an additional language (EAL) in order for them to improve their […]
3rd August 2022

Steps for a Successful Transition for New Arrivals

It’s the beginning of a new academic year – you come in for your inset day, and find out that you have two new starters in […]
15th June 2022

New case study: engagement and progress in a large group of schools

Our new case study looks at the use of the Learning Village programme by a group of 55 schools. The Across Cultures team collected data on […]
21st May 2022

Transitioning from Primary to Secondary

The big day has arrived, the new uniform is looking smart, and now our ‘senior’ Primary school learners are about to become important ‘junior’ Secondary school […]
27th April 2022

Early Career Framework and EAL

The Early Career Framework was made compulsory in the UK in September 2021. It replaces the year-long NQT period. It is a two-year programme of support […]
27th March 2022

Using language skills for mathematics

Author: Christine Hanley, EAL Specialist   Studying mathematics in an English-medium school presents learners of English as an Additional Language (EAL) with a double cognitive whammy as […]
23rd February 2022

Four ways to hook in your EAL learners at the start of a writing lesson

Author: Miranda Howell, EAL Specialist   The traditional way to start a lesson with Secondary school learners is with a ‘do now!’ activity. It works. You get […]
23rd January 2022

The voices that don’t get heard: Why a child’s mother tongue matters in the classroom

Author: Yzanne Mackay   If Katerina spoke in Russian again in the classroom, the teacher warned her, her name would be put on the board and she […]
27th November 2021

Online safety for EAL learners

Author: Yzanne Mackay   Everyone recognises the importance of staying safe online – but it’s not always straightforward. For many of us, computing – including social media, […]
26th September 2021

A holistic approach to recovering lost learning

Author: Isabelle Bridger-Eames, EAL Specialist   Barry and Matthew Carpenter’s ‘Recovery Curriculum’ has many applications for EAL pupils. Their ‘Recovery Curriculum’ was created during the 2021-21 pandemic, […]
16th August 2021

What is EAL? – Talking to other teachers about EAL

Author: Yzanne Mackay   You’re the EAL lead in your school – or a teacher with responsibility for EAL. You’re a class teacher who’s been asked to […]
10th July 2021

A sense of familiarity in unfamiliar times

Author: Louise Kearns, English Language Specialist Teacher   In March 2020 International Primary School Almere, along with all other schools here in the Netherlands, went into lockdown […]
5th June 2021

Memory strategies for language learners

Author: Dr Anne Margaret Smith   While learning new languages, a lot of information simply needs to be remembered, and we often have to combine new […]
17th May 2021

Teaching pronunciation in a whole language-based classroom

Author: Miranda Howell, EAL Specialist   As school teachers faced with EAL learners in our classrooms, we often push the teaching of phonics down the list, especially […]
6th May 2021

We’re finalists in the ERA Awards 2021

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been shortlisted for the Education Resource Awards 2021 – as a finalist in the Supplier of the Year category. The ERA awards […]
3rd May 2021

Across Cultures Partnership with ISP

We’re really excited to be partnering with the International Schools Partnership (ISP) to develop best practice in multilingual learning across their global community of schools. Across […]
26th April 2021

Cloze procedures – Do your EAL pupils need ‘closure’?

Author: Isabelle Bridger-Eames, EAL Specialist   What is a cloze procedure? Cloze procedures are tasks where learners fill in the blanks in a text from which entire […]
29th March 2021

The British School Rio de Janeiro Education Conference 2021

Caroline Scott, of Across Cultures, will be running workshops on all three days of the TBS Education Conference in Rio, on 29th, 30th and 31st March. […]
17th March 2021

EdTech: the Emergency Service for Education in 2020!

Author: Yzanne Mackay   It’s now almost exactly a year since the UK education system went into lockdown. The ruling that schools must close to almost all […]
3rd March 2021

Keeping your EAL learners engaged while learning remotely

Author: Sarah Jones, EAL Coordinator, Lea Forest Academy   In January 2021, we commenced another lockdown in the UK and put our recovery curriculum on hold. […]
3rd February 2021

How fluent are your pupils in the language of ‘online English’?

Author: Catherine Brennan, Director, Better Bilingual CIC   To mute or to unmute? To reply to one or everyone? To use gallery or speaker view? Like […]
25th January 2021

BETT Awards 2021: We’ve been shortlisted again

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve been shortlisted in the BETT Awards 2021 for our secondary learning resource – The Islands! The BETT Awards are an […]
4th January 2021

Text types: Helping English language learners to achieve the same learning outcomes

Author: Breda Matthews, EAL Specialist   Teaching in a way that is responsive to the diversity in our classrooms has a huge impact on the learning […]
13th December 2020

Integrating language and curriculum teaching: a personal perspective

Author: Miranda Howell, EAL Specialist   For those of us who are EAL teachers in school, selecting our language learning outcomes is only one consideration in […]
8th November 2020

Promoting effective student talk with dialogic teaching

Author: Eli Briasco, EAL Specialist   Think about the last lesson you taught to English language learners. I’m sure you did some form of planning beforehand. I […]
7th October 2020

An approach to EAL assessment

Author: Breda Matthews, EAL Specialist   Assessment in an EAL context takes many forms. It can be formal (e.g. tests and examinations), informal (e.g. teacher observations) […]