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22nd September 2022

Written corrective feedback: Investigating beliefs and practices

Author: Eli Briasco, EAL Specialist Chances are, if you’ve been teaching English for a while, you’ve provided plenty of feedback to your learners on the accuracy […]
7th November 2022

EAL Learners: Combating Bullying

Author: Christine Hanley, EAL Specialist When I was teaching early literacy to adults some years ago, I had two teenage students from a refugee background join […]
9th December 2022

Tips for mainstream teachers to support English as an additional language (EAL) learners

Author: Miranda Howell, EAL Specialist How often does a classroom teacher approach an EAL teacher with the words, “I don’t know how to help this learner! […]
24th January 2023

In Celebration of Mother Tongue

Author: Mary Langford, EAL Specialist (Mother Tongue & International Education) A growing number of international schools are demonstrating the importance and value of their students’ and teachers’ […]
28th February 2023

How to encourage EAL parents to become involved in their children’s education

Author: Linda Boland-Quigley, Home School Community Liaison Parental involvement in children’s education can take many forms and can be experienced differently by each parent. The benefits […]
22nd March 2023

Listen up! A ‘What’ and ‘Why’ EAL Checklist for Nurturing Great Listeners

Author: Eli Briasco, EAL Specialist Despite legitimate claims that EAL students devote over half of their time to listening when functioning in English (Nunan, 1998), this […]
25th April 2023

Vocabulary: What should we teach, and how?

Author: Miranda Howell, EAL Specialist What should we teach? Many of us have been in a situation where we want to communicate with someone who does […]
26th April 2023

Across Cultures discuss the importance of research and evidence to support Edtech development

It was a privilege for Caroline Scott (Director, Author and Creator of the Learning Village by Across Cultures), to have been invited to participate as one […]
30th May 2023

What makes a great EAL teacher?

Author: Iva Miteva, EAL Specialist What is the role of an EAL teacher? An EAL teacher is a professional specialising in working with learners for whom […]
28th June 2023

What to consider when supporting EAL learners in the classroom

Author: Martha Giannakaki, EAL Specialist Our EAL learners are by no means a homogeneous group of learners and their needs in our classroom will vary to […]
30th August 2023

The effects of EAL learner wellbeing on their academic performance

Author: Shalu Aara, EAL Specialist A learner’s wellbeing is vital to their achievement and overall success. Nevertheless, an EAL (English as an Additional Language) learner’s wellbeing […]
6th September 2023

We’ve been shortlisted for the TeachCo Primary and Secondary awards!

We are excited to announce we have been shortlisted for the SEN category on BOTH Teach Primary and Teach Secondary! Follow this link to find out […]
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