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4th February 2015

EAL Assessment Continuum

Including a useful EAL Progress Review and links to different EAL assessment continua When teaching EAL, assessment procedures need to be in place in order to […]
28th February 2015


Feedback is the buzz-word and, as with most things, it is not being reinvented, but constantly readapted. In recent years, we see more formal national approach. […]
2nd March 2015

The Power of Online Learning

Recently we have been looking closely at the power of using online learning through the Learning Village by studying the assessment results of learners who were […]
2nd April 2015

IPC Conferences 2015

Across Cultures will be demonstrating the Learning Village and sharing more about their EAL training at the following 3 IPC conferences: IPC Regional Conference – Birmingham […]
13th April 2015

What more can you do to help your intermediate EAL Learners?

The transition from EAL beginner to intermediate learner can take from one term to a year depending on the learner. A beginner EAL learner is learning […]
6th May 2015

The importance of literature

This morning, my 4-year-old woke up and said, “Mummy, there are two languages – child’s language and adult language”. I asked her what she meant and […]
30th May 2015

The Role of an EAL Teacher

In previous articles we discussed the need for learners to obtain Basic Interpersonal Communication Skills (BICS). These skills need to be the initial focus of learning […]
21st June 2015

‘Train the Trainer’ New York, 22nd -24th June 2015, New York

Send a senior member of staff to become an EAL Teacher Trainer with the tools, manuals and resources to train others in your school. Teaching new-to-English […]
29th June 2015

Do your EAL learners need some help with their spellings?

Authors: Anita Bamberger and Caroline Scott   Many of us learned to spell as children without being specifically taught sounds. In the past, the teaching of […]
4th July 2015

IPC Summer School

Across Cultures will be demonstrating the Learning Village and sharing more about their EAL training at the IPC summer school: Annual European Summer School 29th – […]
6th August 2015

Teaching students to be good buddies

On the last day of term I asked a student who was leaving her school in London to return to Italy about the best and worst […]
14th August 2015

New arrivals… a few tips:

Check out Caroline Scott’s recent article on EAL new arrivals: //www.bismagazine.co.uk/strategic/curriculum_articles/non-native.html
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