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25th September 2015

Do learners in your school often translate for others?

The lack of a common language between children can be frustrating so we often assign buddies who have a common language to help our learners. Someone […]
9th October 2015

Learning Village at NALDIC conference

On 14th November 2015, Across Cultures will be exhibiting the Learning Village at the NALDIC conference.
5th December 2015

MAAS Conference 2016

On 22nd January we will be exhibiting in the UK at MAAS, 2016. We’ll be lucky enough to catch Professor Stephen Krashen, one of the most […]
6th December 2015

Looking to teach Christmas vocabulary to your new arrivals?

As the season ends and holidays are almost upon us (or in full swing in some cases!) we have provided you with some new Learning Village […]
6th December 2015

Have you seen the new NASSEA assessment framework?

NASSEA (Northern Association of Support Service for Equality and Achievement) have recently revised their EAL assessment framework with a few interesting differences. Designed to provide a, […]
3rd February 2016

Fantastic progress seen by learners using online EAL/ESL language learning portal for new-to-English learners in the mainstream

Across Cultures début the Learning Village at GESS 2016 EAL/ESL specialist, Across Cultures, will be showing the Learning Village – an online English language-learning portal for […]
3rd March 2016

How do I support parents in maintaining their child’s mother tongue?

Often, for busy EAL teachers, the focus is on the child; however, it is important to remember that the transition period can be just as difficult […]
29th March 2016

GESS Dubai

We’ll be exhibiting at the Global Educational Supplies & Solutions exhibition from 1st -3rd March 2016. Stand M81. Read our Communication Across Cultures Director’s interview here: Click here! […]
29th March 2016

IPC Conference 2016

We will be exhibiting at the IPC Regional Conference 2016 – London, 20th April 2016. For more information click here!
3rd April 2016

Are you teaching your learners language-learning strategies?

Language-learning strategies are tools to facilitate language learning that should be adapted to suit the needs of each individual.  There isn’t one single set of language-learning […]
3rd April 2016

We are one world and one team…

11 fantastic resources to promote elements of international mindedness… Culture shock for new EAL students is more or less extreme depending on the extent of the […]
3rd April 2016

Next EAL ‘Train the Trainer’ Course, 13th-15th July 2016

Early bird rate ends 29th April 2016 Would your school benefit from a comprehensive reflection on how you support EAL across the curriculum? Send a senior […]
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