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4th April 2016

Across Cultures Director, Caroline Scott, will be part of the judging panel for the ESU Awards.

The ESU is a unique global educational charity and membership organisation that brings together and empowers people of different languages and cultures. By building skills and […]
5th April 2016

Are your young learners interpreting for adults?

As well as interpreting for peers, young learners often find themselves interpreting for adults. This does give rise to a myriad of potential issues. There are […]
7th April 2016

Should I teach my EAL learners phonics? If so, how?

As educational pedagogies continue to move cyclically, with new strategies coming in and out of favour, the battle of reading approaches rages on. There are three […]
29th April 2016

Supporting Vulnerable Children

Caroline Scott, Director, at Across Cultures will be delivering a keynote at the Supporting Vulnerable Children Conference Friday 20th May Leicester University, Stamford Court, Oadby, Leicester, LE2 […]
11th May 2016

Synthetic versus Analytical Phonics: Which is best for my EAL students?

In previous articles, we considered the importance of avoiding the use of a ‘Whole Language’ approach, in isolation, as a primary method of literacy instruction. We […]
27th May 2016

Free focus on languages…

The latest edition of the International Schools Magazine is now out with a special focus on language learning. Notable articles on language include:-Determining the language profile […]
16th June 2016

Scaffolding writing for teens

Writing essays and short stories at Secondary level can be a daunting experience – and even more so when you are asked to write in a […]
16th June 2016

Multiplayer here we come…!

Multiplayer feature – we are in our fourth round of piloting the multiplayer function on the Learning Village (www.learningvillage.net) and it’s likely to be ready in […]
16th June 2016

EAL conference for mainstream teachers

Across Cultures will be exhibiting the Learning Village in an EAL conference for mainstream teachers in Hull, 1st July 16 (see below). This will be a […]
16th June 2016

Supporting Vulnerable Children

Thanks to LPH for a great opportunity to talk about EAL case studies recently. 
16th June 2016

IPC Festival of Learning, London

Come and chat to us at the IPC Summer School, London, from Wednesday 27 July – Friday 29 July 16: Click here!
16th June 2016

UK, EAL Proficiency Codes

If you are a UK school and were not already aware, the DfE announced EAL grading as part of school census, UK (click here for more […]
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